Accounts Receivable Financing

Accounts receivable financing: A form of Invoice Finance that can ease your cash flow worries by bridging the gap between sending the invoice and getting paid. Your company will get up to 90% of an invoice by an immediate cash advance based on your outstanding receivables, and an ongoing supply of working capital as you generate more invoices.

The accounts receivable of businesses are traditionally due 30 to 60 days after invoicing. Some small to medium size businesses cannot afford to wait for payment since overhead expenses, such as payroll, rent and taxes, must be paid on a more frequent basis. Generally, such businesses have limited availability of credit with suppliers and often require additional funds for working capital to maintain the flow of goods and services. Such short-term funding to facilitate growth or meet seasonal cash flow needs is usually not available from the traditional sources.

Therefore, there is a need for financial services to this generally ignored segment of the business community throughout the United States; specifically, the companies that do not have access to traditional lending sources. As a result, Freedom Financial Solutions specializes in accounts receivable financing for growing companies that are in need of cash.

Funding Your Business

Freedom Financial Solutions purchases accounts receivable from its clients and advances funds to their business. A portion of the purchase price is paid to the client upon purchase of the accounts receivable, and the balance is paid when Freedom Financial Solutions has collected on the receivable. There is no need for the client to wait 30, 60 or 90 days to collect the money owed. With accounts receivable financing, Freedom Financial Solutions turns the accounts receivable into instant cash, providing much improved cash flow.

Freedom Financial Solutions purchases accounts receivable that represent specific obligations arising from the sale of a product or the rendering of services in the ordinary course of the client’s business. The product or service must have been delivered or fully rendered, as applicable, and been accepted by the client’s customer without dispute, offset or other adjustment.

Accounts receivable financing provides a much needed financial solution without creating debt.

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