Options for Selling an Annuity

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Options for Selling an Annuity

Options for Selling an Annuity

Selling An Annuity

Selling an annuity or structured settlement can be a winning solution for some of your most difficult financial challenges. When life deals you a difficult hand to play and you’re facing serious financial needs having access to your annuity can be critical. Whether you’re dreaming of paying off debts, sending your child to college, funding your start up business or buying your first home, you can use your future payments to cover those costs. Selling your annuity payments can help you achieve your dreams today instead of pushing them back for tomorrow.

What Are Your Options When Selling an Annuity?

There are three common options for selling annuities. These options are primarily used in the industry to cover a wide range of consumer needs. The first option is opting for Partial Payments. By selling a portion of your annuity payments, your periodic income will continue, and you will maintain your tax benefits. The tax benefits are carried on for the life of the structured settlement and even passed on to your heirs while receiving the remainder of the payments upon your passing.

The second option for selling your annuity payments would be to sell the settlement in its entirety. This option calls for the full term of the payments to be sold at one time. Future annuity payments are cancelled out, and you’ll be given one lump-sum payment for your structured settlement.

The third option for selling an annuity is to sell lump sums of the settlement over a period. Choosing the lump sum option allows you to receive large sums of money when needed while maintaining a routine of systematic payments and keeping the same tax benefits you had before.

Our financial solution specialists are here to help you obtain the cash you need when you need it most. We take the time to customize our solutions so that they best meet your needs for today and do not create hardships for you tomorrow. We focus on leaving as many payments in the future for you as possible so that you’ll continue to have steady income in the future. If you want to discuss your options for selling your annuity please call us today at 1-877-227-4354.

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