Purchase Order Finance

Freedom Financial Solutions’ Purchase Order Finance program is used to finance the purchase or manufacture of specific goods that have been pre-sold by our clients to their credit-worthy customers. Typically, it is combined with our Accounts Receivable Financing program to finance the entire trade transaction. Our clients include manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, importers, and exporter.

Freedom Financial Solutions advances funds, up to 100% of the Cost of Goods Sold (CGS), against purchase orders received by our clients after a careful review of factors including: the management’s track record; the company’s history; vendor relationships; and the buyer’s credit. Once approved, Freedom Financial Solutions purchases the products on our clients’ behalf from their suppliers. After products are delivered to our clients’ buyers, the invoices from the sale are factored and advanced as working capital to our client.

What Are Purchase Orders?

A purchase order is commonly considered as the first official offer from a buyer to a seller. Purchase orders normally identify the specific categories, volume and agreed pricing for the requested products or services. In most cases, a purchase order is a legally binding document indicating an official buy-sell agreement, and it’s conditions. Purchase orders outline the parameters of the agreement including set delivery dates and solid terms of payment for buyers. As technology advances so do the systems for purchase orders, providing a more effective flow for inventory and payment structure.

Purchase orders serve as a promise to pay. Buyers submit purchase orders to sellers or suppliers and receive the goods prior to payment. Purchase orders are used as a form of risk protection for the supplier. Buyers are expected to pay their account in a timely fashion to keep the buy-sell cycle of business in good terms. In the event that the buyer does not uphold their end of the deal, suppliers can be forced into negative cash flow without enough capital to maintain their business. Our purchase order finance program is structured to provide assistance to both sides of the table. Whether you’re a distributor or importer, our program is designed to help you expand your business and increase your profitability.

Purchase Order Finance provides growing businesses with the capacity of generating the capital necessary to support and enhance its sales by increasing working capital, creating favorable payment terms to the seller, and increasing product availability, delivery reliability and more flexible credit terms for the buyer.

Purchase Order Finance can revolutionize your business by increasing working capital and product availability, creating favorable payment terms to the seller and allow your firm to better compete within its industry.

With the power of purchase order financing, your firm will welcome larger orders and not be placed in a position where it will have to decline sales opportunities due to a lack of working capital.

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