What are Structured Settlement Advances? Can They Help You?

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Structured Settlement Advances

Structured Settlement Advances

When we talk about structured settlement advances, it’s not all about catchy commercials and operas. Much of the time if you are waiting to receive a settlement from an insurance claim expenses start to pile up, medical bills, along with family trouble, difficulties keeping a job, etc. Sometimes it can take years for these types of cases to come to a resolution. In this case, it can become vital that you make the best decision for your family. Think to yourself, would it be easier with more liquidity? You are likely still be recovering from your accident or may no longer be able to work. But what can you do? There are many different types of settlements. Some will last a short time while others will be for life. It is important to assess you case and make an informed decision.

What can you do?

Freedom Financial Solutions understands that these situations can be stressful. Structured Settlement Advances can make your life so much easier. Imagine having the money you need to pay your bills today. Consulting with an expert today can put you in a better position tomorrow. Many people become stressed out by waiting on their monthly payments to begin; we assure you this doesn’t need to be the case. A popular option to alleviate this stress is to opt for Structured Settlement Advances. Freedom Financial Solutions can assist you by offering you a pre-settlement cash advance. Since we have such a strong relationship with lenders we can offer you the best rates available. We can accommodate you with a small cash advance that can allow you to wait for a fair, structured settlement. The process is very straightforward. We do not burden you with credit checks, employment verification, or monthly payments. After we have gotten in contact with you, we will contact your attorney representing you to complete some paperwork and evaluate your situation. Once everything is complete one of our specialists will discuss your case and what options you have. Next we will consider the amount you need advanced, and when we are finished discussing your amount you get your advance. Freedom Financial Solutions can often provide your cash in as little as 24 hours.

But what if you don’t end up getting the settlement you thought you would?

It would be terrifying to know you now have your mounting expenses as well as an advance. Freedom Financial Solutions offers a ZERO RISK guarantee. If you don’t receive your settlement, you keep the money. If you have any questions about Structured Settlement Advances contact Freedom Financial Services today toll-free at 1-877-227-4354. Check us out on BBB.org and call with confidence in our A+ rating.

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