Why Sell Your Structured Settlement?

Have you ever said to yourself that $600 a month from the accident helped when we first settled out case, but now that I am out of a job or on the verge of losing your home, a lump sum payment of $20,000, $50,000 or more in exchange for those monthly payments is exactly what you need to get out of debt?

Can you sell your structured settlement payments?

YES! You have several options; you can sell some or all of your monthly payments, you can sell your future date lump sum payments and you can sell your Life Contingent payments as well or any combination of those.

Can I cash out all of my settlement?

Why Sell Your Structured Settlement
Absolutely, you can cash out part or all of it, if it makes sense and is the best option yes you can sell your structured settlement.



How does selling some of my settlement payments work?

Let’s use an example of, if you receive $1,000.00 a month for 20 years starting on 1995 therefore they are guaranteed until 2015. In 1999 you assigned $1,000.00 a month for 10 years of payments to a company; you will start receiving your payments again in 2009 and continue to receive them until 2015. But what if you have life contingent payments, those will continue until you pass away, so let’s say in 2016 you need money to replace your roof, you can sell your life contingent payments as well. We have many options and do our best to ensure that everyone has a smooth process and achieves the results they were hoping for. Contact Freedom Financial for more information on selling your life contingent payments and how the process works.

Don’t just say I need cash for my structured settlement – call Freedom Financial Solutions today for your “sell my annuity” options.