Waiting For Your Lottery Winnings?

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Winning the lottery may be a one in a million shot for some people but not for everyone. Lottery winners are so lucky to have beat the odds. In some cases, they have won the prize of a lifetime. But after winning the lottery you don’t want to wait a lifetime to actually receive your winnings. Most lottery prize winners are not familiar or prepared for the arduous process of claiming their prize money. Often times they are unaware of what it all means and the tax implications that accompany their new victory.

Our experts at Freedom Financial have years of experience in answering all of these questions and more. We will take the time to walk you through the process of your claim and the financial implications of the awarded compensation. Detailing this process will provide professional advice and guidance for lottery winners. Preparing a detailed strategy is important to maximize the benefits of the prize winnings. We recommend using an expert finance company with a strong track record of providing the money you may need while waiting for your actual collection of the money awarded.

At Freedom Financial, our clients appreciate the superior level of customer service we provide to each of our clients. Knowing that you’re working with an experienced and successful structured settlement company makes all of the difference in your overall experience of receiving your funds when you need them the most.

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